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We are best choice for practically any type of academic writing need. We offer a range of high quality custom writing to help achieve your academic goals. We are a highly transparent writing company – you can calculate the true costs of your paper upfront using our price calculator on the main page. Our services generally fall into main categories: (i) paper writing from scratch; and (ii) proofreading/editing.

Writing from Scratch

Most of order requests from our clients are often writing from scratch. This is particularly convenient if you lack sufficient time to complete your assignment or lack the knowledge to about the paper. We offer a range of original writing in this category: articles, annotated bibliography, assignments, business plans, case studies, coursework, and creative writing, We are also experts in writing dissertations, essays, personal statements, reports, research papers, research proposals, reviews, speeches, summaries, term papers, and thesis proposals.

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Editing and proofreading consist the second category of our custom writing services. Editing or proofreading paper require minor changes to fix any grammatical, inconsistencies and plagiarism. As a rule of thumb, the writer is not expected to change or rewrite the paper too much. Your uploaded text will therefore be changed up to 30% of the original text.

Please note our writers will not be required to add new information on a plagiarized paper that you place for editing or proofreading. They are only expected to make minor changes meant to fix errors and rearrange the word order. In this regard, the final edited or proofread paper cannot be expected to be significantly different from the uploaded text. We inform you of a plagiarized paper immediately you assign it to us. We are able to write you an original paper if you agree to compensate for it as a fresh order that need to be written from scratch.

Use the calculator below to get your order cost; Do not hesitate to contact our support staff if you need any clarifications.

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Whatever level of paper you need – college, university, research paper, term paper or just a high school paper, you can safely place an order.